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1. New colors available - Spray Coated Cream, Avacado and Red (all with glitter) 

2. Neo80 Raw version - a piece of raw 6063 Aluminum without any surface treatment. Unpolished, hence it will retain the milling pattern created by the CNC Machine processing. Since the raw version doesn't have any protective coating, oxidation is inevitable and won’t be considered a quality issue. 

3. Due to production difficulties, the combinations of spray-coated top case and anodized champagne/silver bottom case have been discontinued


  • Oxidation of brass and copper weights is unavoidable due to the characteristics of these materials. If you are concerned about this, please choose the PVD stainless steel weight instead.
  • Chroma and Dusk are random mixes of gradients, so the result on each unit may vary.
  • The tri-mode PCB on this sale page comes with a pair of 2200mAh batteries.
  • If you want to edit your Neo80 specifications, please do not edit the quantities in the shopping cart. Instead, visit the product page and "add to cart" again.
  • Your order will be cancelled if more than 1 PCB or Plate from the kit listing is added to cart. Click here to purchase addons instead.
  • All PCBs are QMK-based and support VIA.
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Estimated Date of Arrival: Late Q3 2024
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Side & Back Design

The combination of curved edges and chamfers gives the Neo80 a softer and more dynamic side profile. The bottom case can be the same color as the top case, or customers can also choose a golden or silver bottom case to create a dual-tone vibe.

On the back side, we have maintained the minimalist style of the Neo family to balance the overall design and highlight the beauty of the materials.

In addition to the regular sandblasted and mirror-finished PVD, we have also experimented with the stone-washed technique for the first time on the Neo80. We offer three color options: stone-washed black, stone-washed silver, and stone-washed champagne.

Round Chamfer + F12 Top Row

In addition to the iconic slim side bezels, we have rounded the top case chamfer to give the Neo80 a softer appearance. The F13 key has been removed to make the layout more practical for everyday use.

RGB Orbit Logo

The RGB light is positioned slightly below the surface to reduce the brightness and make it less distracting during daily use.

WK & WKL Options

We offer both layouts so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Plateless, Gasket, O-ring, Sandwich, and more.

In addition to the regular plateless, gasket mount, and O-ring mount, we also experimented with an upgraded sandwich mount on the Neo80. In this configuration, the plate is placed on copper pillars that are attached to the bottom case, creating another channel for sound transmission. You can also combine multiple mounting styles to achieve the desired sound profile that best suits your preference.

5 Plate Options

Plates with distinctive characteristics:

  • Aluminum
  • FR4
  • Carbon Fiber
  • POM
  • PC

PCB Options

  • Tri-mode Hotswap PCB (Non-flex Cut)
  • Wired Hotswap PCB (Non-flex Cut)
  • Solder PCB (Non-flex Cut)

1.6mm PCB without flex cut to achieve a louder and fuller sound profile

NO Per-key RGB

QMK-based, VIA supported


Polling rate: 1000Hz

Frequently Asked Questions


Typing angle:6.5 degree

Front height:18 mm

Size:359.5mm * 141.7 mm


  • with copper weight: 1.72kg before assembly, 2.22kg after assembly
  • with stainless steel weight: 1.7KG before assembly, 2.2kg after assembly
What does the kit contain?

1. Case

  • Including one pre-installed external weight
  • Including one pre-installed badge of your choice
  • One 3000 mAh batteries will be installed inside the bottom case for orders with Tri-mode PCBs
  • Orders with wired PCBs will receive fillers for the battery compartments

2. PCB

  • PCB of your choice
  • 1x PE sheet
  • 1x PCB foam
  • Standoffs
  • Tri-mode PCB comes with a 2.4Ghz dongle

3. Plate of your choice

4. Poron Case Foam

5. PCB Daughterboard*3 (pre-installed)

6. Silicone Gaskets

7. O-ring (30 duro)

8. Rubber feet

9. Weight screws in silver and black

10. Daughterboard FPC Cable

11. Free Gifts (Not covered by warranty)

  • Keyboard carrying case
  • 1x Keycap & switch puller
  • 1 set of 70% clip in stabilizers
  • Coiled USB-C cable
Can I build it plateless?

Yes, however, we only recommend building plateless with a solder PCB.

When will I receive my order?

Instock units will be shipped out in 2-3 working days.

Group Buy units will follow their respective estimated time of arrival.

Do extra Tri-mode PCBs come with battery?