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[Ended] Sperno59 Kit

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Base Kit


Dimensions: 306.75mm (length), 118mm (width), 19.25mm (front height)
Chassis Option 1: Full-CNC Aluminum (Anodized)
Chassis Option 2: Aluminum (Anodized) Upper Chassis & Brass Lower
Case Colors: Slate Blue, Vibrant Red, Basic Black, & Shining Silver
Plate Material: PC, FR4, or Aluminum (Anodized Black)
Typing Angle: 6 degrees
Mounting style: Gaskets
Alum + Brass Kit (No Keycaps or Switches): Approx. 2.25 kg
Aluminum Kit (No Keycaps or Switches): Approx. 1.2kg


Kit contents

Aluminium Top Case 1
Alluminium/Brass bottom case 1
Aluminium Plate 1
Hotswap/Solder PCB 1
Gasket Boots 16
Bumpon Feet 4
Screws 8
Carrying Case  1




Sales date: November 4th - December 9th
Estimated delivery date: Q2-Q3 2023


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