Best Keycaps of 2023

Ready to top your keyboard all off with some brand new keycaps? These are some of our favorite keycaps to put on our boards, have a read while you decide on the look for your next keyboard. Hopefully this will bring some inspiration.


Known for distinct color similarities to the old traditional Mechanical Keyboard, and its precise machinery, HAMMER X SWAGKEYS CRP Keycaps has to be our most favorite out of all. The Dyesub PBT Material feels very satisfying to the touch, and it feels like suede but on a keycap. It gives off a very "thock" or "clack" or creamy sound too, depending on the switch you use of course. But expect a deeper sound when using these keycaps.  


2. SW La Vie En Rose Keycaps - SwagKeys

Symbolizing the Rose, the deep red wine color is really defined for anyone that wants a RED Keyboard. The Keycap material is made out of PBT+ABS and it's has double-shot legends which makes it super crisp. An all included set and is so affordable. This is really one of our top few for all the red lovers out there that want a deeper tone red. 


3. XMI PBT Keycaps V3 - XMI 

Again another all in one set keycap, can't get any better price anywhere else. Plus It's PBT too, which in our opinion gives off a deeper sound. Whether you want a deeper "thock", "clack", or creamier sound, PBT never fails us. Plus it also gives a more neutral look which will definitely fit any keyboard and give it the old mechanical keyboard look.


4. CRP Wind God/ Fujin Keycaps - QwertyQop

Aren't you surprised we have another CRP Keycap in this list? Well we aren't. Can't let go of the top notch machinery of CRP has, it's really the crème de la crème in our opinion. The smoothness of each keycap is really out of this world. And really really satisfying. Not even joking. And the Blue in this keycap set will really bring out the set and make it extraordinary. 


5. SW Foundation Keycaps - SwagKeys

The GMK Foundation's other half. SW Foundation has been one of our favorites recently. The color spectrum on the board really helps to fit in into any keyboard. Whether it's a timeless board or something that's a bit more on the modern side. SW Foundation has never failed on us. Even if we don't put the bright colored novelties on it, and we leave the greys and the blacks on. It really never fails to put on a more neutral tone to your setup and tie everything together making your board the highlight.