Resources and Firmware

Keyboard editing applications: 

QwertyKeys: VIA or VIAL


QK Config for Windows

  • now supports qk65v2, qk75n, qk100 (please make sure to flash the latest firmware below before using the GIF upload feature on these keyboards)
  • added win_r and blank key values to the keymap
  • The default gif_2 now can be replaced

QK Config for Mac (beta 1207)

  • now supports QK65, QK100, QK75N, please flash the firmware below first else the keyboard won't be detected.
  • does not support qk65v2 7u layout
  • Link will direct to QwertyKeys website. Download it from the QwertyKeys website.



Build Guides: 
  • For Neo, Flash firmware with QMKToolBox Beta
  • For Neo65 u4t high debounce firmware, flash with QMKToolBox Beta
    QwertyKeys & Cub:
    • QK65V2 and QK75N not compatible with VIA or VIAL. Please use QK Config
    • QK100, QK75, QK80, QK65 and Cub65 compatible with VIA or VIAL for Wired & Soldered PCB only. Otherwise use QK Config
    • QK60 Compatible with both VIA or VIAL, recommended to use VIAL

    Jelly Evolv

    • For keymapping, upload the JSON file into VIA.