Group Buy vs Preorder vs Instock

Here in QwertyQop we have a bunch of different categories for all of the products that we carry. So this is where we will share all the different products and categories that we have. 


Group Buys
What is a Group Buy?

The term "Group Buys" or GB for short are a type of crowdfunding used by the keyboard community. A group buy is the process of when a customer orders a product that has yet to be produced. Group Buys have to reach a certain amount of products before manufacturing can start. Once the buy hits it's MOQ (minimum order quantity), and the group buy period has ended, production will then begin.

Why is it different?
  • The product has yet to be made - only designs. 
  • Paying upfront before manufacturing starts 
  • Customisable options - unique designs for customers
  • More affordable compared to Retail prices
  • Less risk for Designers and Manufacturers 
  • Group Buys are mostly region locked unless stated otherwise

Group Buys are not limited to keyboards kits or keyboards. It can be extended out to keycap sets, switches, deskmats, artisans, etc.

At Qwertyqop, we have an individual page for where all our "Group Buy"s and "Preorders" are. 

Clicking on "Live" will lead you to all the Group Buys that we have at that current moment in time. It's always updating, so keep your eyes peeled to this page! Or get into our Discord server for all the Live updates.

In QwertyQop, if a certain Group Buy does not reach the MOQ, we will do a refund.  Therefore lesser risk for us, the designer, the manufacturer and for you. 


What is a preorder? 

Compared to Group Buys, Preorders are mostly limited quantity. Preorders are generally products that have already be made or quantity has already been reserved by QwertyQop. 

Here are the differences compared to Group Buys:

  • Limited Quantity 
  • Less to none customisable options for customers
  • Faster waiting time compared to Group Buys 

Now Click on "Preorder"

And this is the Preorder page that will pop up onto your screen

Preorders are also not limited to only Keyboards. It also extends out to keycap sets, switches, deskmats, artisans, etc. 


In-stock & Extras

In-stock & Extras items are what we have in the store, that is ready for us to pack and go home to you. Compared to Group Buys and Preorders, there is no waiting time at all. The only waiting time is the time it takes to get shipped out, and how long the delivery will take. 

Here at QwertyQop, we strive to process all in-stock within 48 hours of your orders made, excluding Public Holidays and weekends. Once processed, your orders will be shipped out the following day. 

Also, we always remind customers to not mix Group Buy/Preorder items with In-stock items. We will only ship out In-stock items when the Group Buy/Preorder items have arrived. So please be wary of that. 

We have different ways of showing In-stock & Extra products. Here are the different ways. 

Most of our other products like keycaps, switches, and other keyboard accessories don't have the [Instock] or [Extras], because they're all In-stock items. Unless stated otherwise of course.  


Coming Soon

Products that are under this category are products that we have confirmed that we're bringing in. This are products that will be listed as in-stock the moment they arrive. This can normally be found in the Updates page, or it could be listed in any category. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in our Discord when those items will be in-stock!