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Front Design

The original QK65 has a very minimal design, so for the v2, we wanted to add some flavor to make it more recognizable. We are delighted to see that the mini screen on QK's keyboard has become a popular way for users to showcase their personality. Therefore, we have retained the mini screen on the v2 and added a bezel to allow for more customization.

Back Design

Similar to the QK75N, the QK65v2 features a large piece of weight on its back side, along with a themed badge and matching tag. All of these components can be customized to create a unique keyboard for users. The USB dongle can be stored under the badge, allowing you to enjoy a wireless typing experience anywhere without worrying about losing it.

Dual Mounting

The QK65v2 is compatible with both PCB gasket mount and top mount. We have added plate cushions around the screw holes to eliminate any potential case ping when using the top mount. Additionally, the PCB daughterboard now has its own gasket to ensure mobility with the magnetic connectors.

Plate and PCB will be required for the board to be functional.

FR4 plates have flex cuts to provide a softer typing feedback.

Alu, PC, POM, and Carbon Fiber plates do not have flex cuts.

All plates are universal and can be used for different layouts.

Plate Options

Plates are available in five materials: FR4, Aluminum, POM, PC, and Carbon Fiber.

FR4 plates have flex cuts to provide a softer typing feedback, while PC, POM, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber plates do not have flex cuts.



Typing angle: 6.5 degrees

Front height: 19.8mm

Size: 116.5mm * 312.7mm

Weight: around 1.4kg before build, 1.75kg after build

What does the kit contain?

1. Case (top + bottom + weight)

  • With two pre-installed 2200 mAh batteries

2. Badge set of your choice - inside the accessory box

3. LED strip bezel & screen bezel of your choice - installed

4. PCB Kit

  • PCB of your choice
  • PE sheet
  • PCB Foam
  • 2.4GHz dongle

5. Plate of your choice

6. Case foam (2.5mm 1pc +1mm 1pc)

7. PCB Daughterboard - Installed

8. Mini screen + screen daughterboard - installed

9. Silicon Gaskets

10. Rubber Feet (1 set in grey and 1 set in white)

11. Backup Screws

12. Backup rear and front clips

13. Free gifts (Not covered by warranty):

  • A set of 65% NeoStabs
  • Keyboard protective case
  • Screwdriver
  • Switch puller
  • Keycap puller
  • Coiled USB-C cable
When will I receive my order?

Q1 2024

When does the Group Buy end?

3 Jan 2024

What do I need in my order?

The kit includes all items required to make the board functional.

Feel free to add on any additional PCB and Plates as you like.

Does extra Tri-mode PCBs come with battery?


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