Acid & Co.

Gateron Snow Rabbit Switch

$4.00 SGD

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Sold in packs of 10s.

Meet the Gateron Snow Rabbit, our newest linear switch.

It's like a blend of Gateron RAW, Smoothie, and NK Creams. Made with Gateron's latest mold, it's all POM, so it's super smooth and has a 4mm travel.

Acid&Co. fixed the overlubing issue for an even smoother feel, no extra work needed. The spring weight is between Gateron Red and Yellow, so it feels just right.

And it's got a white housing that's perfect for showing off your keyboard's RGB lighting.


  • Type: Linear
  • Operation force : 45 + 10g
  • Pre-Travel: 2mm
  • Total Travel: 4mm
  • Stem: POM
  • Top: POM 
  • Bottom:POM
  • Spring: 15MM Single stage
  • LED Support: SMD
  • Factory lubed : yes (Oil based, rails)
  • Pin: 5 Pin