GoMaster Pure Player

$63.00 SGD

運送 チェックアウト時に計算


  • Base - Synthesizer
  • Alphas - Space Cadet
  • Evolution
  • Extensions
  • Colours
  • Forties
  • Dark Mode
  • Artisan Keycap - Anodized Silver
  • Artisan Keycap - Silver addon Orange
  • Artisan Keycap - Silver addon Blue
  • Artisan Keycap - Silver addon Green
  • Artisan Keycap - Beige
  • Artisan Keycap - Beige addon Orange
  • Artisan Keycap - Beige addon Blue
  • Artisan Keycap - Beige addon Green

Inspired by the name Pure Player, this set of keycaps is pure enough and pure enough, just like music.

Pure Player: Demo is inspired by the famous work of teenage engineering, a well-known Nordic 3C product design studio: the OP-1 series.

The keycap color card has been changed from the cool white of the Demo to a specially blended milky white, trying to restore the key color of OP-1's sequel: OP-1:Field.
Artisan Keycap

The artisan has a modular structure, which includes a base and a knob. The base has a bearing installed, which helps to achieve the spinning function. What's more, the knob is substitutable without using any tool.

Exploded View
Artisan Keycap addon Orange/ Blue/ Green does not include Artisan Keycap.

  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dye-sub printing
  • Manufactured by: GoMaster 
  • Designed by: Jr Mars
  • Base Kit: 190 Keys
  • Full set: about 400 keys