Best Accessories of 2023

Accessories and mods come a long way when it comes to the keyboard hobby. Most of these accessories listed down below are some of our very own stuff. Promise that it's not a promotional blog but these are the things we also use on our very own boards that have been nothing but a savior. Whether it is for aesthetics or for modding, these are our Top 5.


1. Lubrications in Syringes

Whether it's Krytox or XHT-BDZ, the syringes come in very handy when lubing stabilizers. Or switches that has been soldered onto boards, and it's way easier to control the amount of lube used instead of the tub where everything can get really messy if not handled properly. Pair it up with our syringe tips to have way more control over lubing! Choose over different dimensions to control the amount coming out from the syringe!


2. Switch Storage Container

The Switch Storage Container is a crystal clear container that keeps everything clean and packed while also fully being able to view your switches. We think it's a good way to store it also, plus it's stackable. Which makes it really aesthetically pleasing. The Switch Storage Container also can store about 110 switches which is equivalent to a full keyboard, that's enough for all your 100% keyboards out there.


3. Lube Brushes

QwertyQop's own Lube Brushes come in variety of sizes, especially the Flat Brush one which comes in handy with its very brush cover to easily store it. The Flat Brush is also increases the pace of lubing especially with the Stabilizers and the Stem. 


4. SK Springs - SwagKeys

Springs can really help to change the Actuation Force in a Switch. And it really helps to change the feels of your typing experience. Whether you want a heavier switch or a lighter switch, it really helps to make a difference without buying a new pack of switches. Especially when the sound of the board is already to your liking.


5. Keyboard Stand

Keyboard Stands are always in the market everywhere, but it is not easy to find a Keyboard Stand that is affordable or versatile where you can keep and store when not in use. Some can be really bulky to fit around anywhere. Hence, QwertyQop's Keyboard Stands are really a great purchase. It can be folded down and kept and also simple and minimalistic. Not too overdramatic and can fit seemlessly into any setup.