Groupbuy / Preorder Policy

How does a group buy work?

Group buy window will be open for a certain period, which can vary depending on different products. People can join the group buy during this period. Production will start after we end the group buy and submit orders to the factory. Please refer to the product page for more details.

What is the difference between a group buy and a preorder?

Group buys are unlimited, preorders have a limited quantity.

Manufacturers / designers often prefer the product to be available for purchase during their promotional period. All preorder products are already paid for and quantity are reserved for Qwertyqop.

While other vendors / global distributors may run a group buy for the product, we at Qwertyqop strive to have the product readily available for purchase as an instock product, otherwise as a preorder as the designer wishes.

How long will you receive your group buy order?

It usually takes 6-12 months for manufacturing if there is no delay from the factory. Different group buy products have different lead times. We do not recommend purchasing group buy items with in-stock items.

Can I cancel my group buy order?

Before the group buy ends, a 5.2% transaction fee will be deducted. If the group buy has ended, we are unable to cancel the order or make any changes. We do not accept returns/exchanges for group buy products.

Will there be any extras after the group buy?

Extras may be available after we fulfill all the group buy orders. Please stay updated through our Discord or contact us for more information.

Something about group buy:

We do not recommend ordering products from different group buys/pre-orders. We will try our best to ship them as soon as they are available. If you purchase them together, we will only ship the parcel when all items are available.

The end product may vary in color from the renders(image is shown on GB page) which are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. Estimated shipping date may be delayed. Please refer to our Quality Expectations Policy.

The transfer of group buy spots is not allowed. All orders are shipped to the customer who purchased them. Kindly note that once the product has been re-sold, we are not responsible for any issues the product may have.