The Key to Typing: GMK vs. SW Foundation Keycaps

Original Post and Pictures from: zFrontier

"GMK Foundation" a versatile addition to anyone's collection. Designed by RHHDailo and Swishy. Whether is a hidden gem or a modern one, it's cool and neutral tone companied with a bit of striking colours, will definitely fit into any keyboard. It has a lot of playing ground and it all depends on what look you're going for. 

However we're not going to be talking about the GMK Foundation today. We will be talking about the "SW Foundation". Also designed by RHHDailo, but using SwagKeys' two-color injection mold. Looking at the similarities of it, it can be regarded as a replacement for the "GMK Foundation". 

This set of "SW Foundation" is produced using PBT two-colour process and the sandblasting is finer so some of the keys have a slight variance to it. Although the colour might be of a slight difference, the most visible difference is the spacing between each letter on the keycap itself. The "SW Foundation" letters are a bit more spaced out compared to the "GMK Foundation".

SW also has some mold limitiations, so it doesn't come with the 1.5U "Super" and "Menu", and the 2.25U Green "Shift" that GMK Foundation offers. The GMK Foundation also comes with the lamp cap on the "Caps Lock", that SW does not offer. 

Comparison of the GMK Foundation Novelties, there is definitely a difference in how much more GMK offers compared to SW.

SW Foundation isn't all that bad because they do offer some BV-coloured space groups, and seven groups of BV-coloured are also added to the base. Whereas the GMK Version of the BV Colour set only comes in the international set (Nordeuk). It also only has light colours, not much variance here. 

However the SW Foundation does not come with an R2 Esc Keycap, which makes it tougher on the 40% keyboards. There is a lot of differences and a lot of similarities to the two Foundations. They both come with pros and cons depending on which style fits you the best. 

We tried the SW Foundation on the QK75 cream coloured and to be honest, it looks very sleek and very fitting to us. 

All these pictures are captured in natural light, and it's coloured corrected to the SW Foundation colours as close to it as possible so that you can tell how vibrant the colours are.


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