• QK65

    Meet the QK65, the first keyboard from QwertyKeys.

    An enjoyable typing experience and high-end customized designs at an affordable price.

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  • QK65 Stone Age Edition

    A limited edition colorway in collaboration with MW Stoneage

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  • QK60

    Originating from portability and also retaining the aesthetics.

    Presenting a portable keyboard with eye-catching contrasts and wireless features.

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  • QK65 Base Kit Keycaps

    Milkyway keycaps with compatibility for 65% boards

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  • QK75

    Following the same design principle of Qwertykeys’s family, QK75 is low-key but elegant, budget-friendly but still powerful.

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  • QK65 Mirror Edition

    The last iteration of the QK65 series

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  • QK80

    QK80 inherits the popular elements from the QK75, such as all CNC’d Aluminum case, bouncy PCB-mount structure, and abundant color choices.

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  • Cub65

    Cub65 is a collaborative project between Cub Studio and Qwertykeys. Cub Studio is responsible for the design, while Qwertykeys handles production.

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  • QK100

    The office workhorse and the family gift you guys have been demanding!

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  • QK75 Nice Dream Edition

    Limited edition raffle

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  • Neo 65

    All-in kit starting from S$129

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