Fuyu Switch

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In the past, we have always been fans of fuyu keycaps, from GMK fuyu keycaps to Milkyway fuyu keycaps.
It is a great honor to have the designer's authorization this time, so we also hope to create a perfect switch: the sound is just right, the extreme smoothness, the affordable price, and the stable switch
On the fuyu switch, we constantly adjusted and after several rounds of debugging, we finally got what we wanted, hoping to also be liked by the community

On the fuyu switch, we used the latest cross stem mold from wikuo/lichicx, which has undergone multiple modifications and adjustments before its official launch to ensure the best feeling can be achieved.
In terms of materials, we have selected multiple nylon materials
After repeated experiments and comparisons, this polymer nylon was ultimately selected
Finally achieving a balance between smoothness and sound
A total travel of 3.5mm will also make the overall sound more HIFI
But it won't make the feel abrupt


  • Linear
  • 58g spring(18mm)
  • POM Lengthen stem
  • Polymer nylon top housing
  • Polymer nylon bottom housing
  • 5 pin
  • 3.5mm Travel
  • Made by Wikuo/Lichicx
  • Mild lubrication
  • Designed by