Maiz Clip in Stabilizer

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  • 1.2mm
  • 1.6mm


  • No Lube
  • Factory Lubed




  • Stem: PC
  • Bottom Housing: Pom
  • Clip-in design eliminates the need for screws.
  • TPU silicone in housing is applied to the areas in contact with the wire to reduce friction
  • These stabs start from the front end of the wire and the inside of the stabilizer stem respectively to avoid the noise caused by the collision or friction between the wire and the stabilizer stem, which also greatly helps to improve the stability of the stabilizer.
  • The housing design makes it impossible for wires to pop out since they're installed from the bottom.

Kit includes:

  • 10 x stabilizer housings 
  • 4 x 2U wires
  • 1 x 6.25U wire
  • 1 x 7U wire
  • 10 x silencer pads
  • 10 x silicon pads