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  • WK
  • WKL

Color: Light Wisteria


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Vento80 Raffle Details:

  • Raffle on Google Form: 25 March 2024 1200SGT - 27 March 2024 1200SGT
  • Google Form will be on our discord server
  • Invoice will be sent to your email from Qwertyqop storefront, invoice must be paid within 48 hrs, by 1159 SGT 30 March 2024
  • Plates and accessories will be available for selection at checkout.
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  • ETA: June 2024 - July 2024
  • Region locked
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Hello everyone, this is Owlab. 

We are very happy to bring you the eighth product of the studio - Vento 80 at the end of 2023. The 80 configuration has always been widely favored in the industry, and it is also the design sign and facade for customized studios. Therefore, after more than two years of accumulation, we once again launched a new product in the 80 configuration - Vento 80.

Effortless-disassembly Structure 3.0

The Vento 80 utilizes an optimized effortless-disassembly structure, an upgrade from the Jelly Evolv. With the usage of magnetic connectors, the entire keyboard can be disassembled in three simple steps.

Structure Design

The Vento 80 maintains the design aesthetic of the Jelly Evolv. Its bottom case is attached to the top case by a 1cm thick internal weight. This design gives the entire keyboard a floating appearance and makes the side profile more dynamic.

Acoustic Design

We've separated the leaf spring chambers from the sound chambers to avoid interference. This provides sufficient space for the leaf springs to function effectively while removing any hollowness from the sound profile.

Front Design

The front design of the Vento 80 is adorned with only a carved badge as decoration. An LED strip is concealed beneath the badge, providing a range of lighting effects to select from. The round button next to the badge serves as decoration as well as a switch for the LED strip, making it easy to turn on and off.

The case is available in both WK and WKL layouts, giving users the freedom to choose based on their preferences.

Weight & Badge

The Vento 80 comes with both internal and external weights. Depending on the color option, its 1kg internal weight is either red copper or brass, providing a solid foundation for the sound profile. The external weight is dual-toned and crafted from stainless steel. This marks our first attempt at combining two colors on a single material. The side badge also utilizes this technique, combining two colors and showcasing both glossy and matte textures.

Frequently Asked Questions


Typing angle: 7 degrees

Front height: 18.6mm

Size: 362mm by 136mm by 36mm

Weight: 2.6kg before built, around 3kg after built

What does the kit contain?

1. Case

  • Including one pre-installed internal and external weight

2. PCB Kit (From Addons Page)

  • PCB of your choice
  • PE sheet
  • PCB foam

3. Plate of your Choice (From Addons Page)

4. Poron Case Foam

5. Daughterboard & JST Cable - installed

6. Silicone Gaskets

  • 30-duro gaskets (white)
  • 10-duro gaskets (pale blue)

7. Rubber feet

  • Rubber feet (white) - installed
  • Rubber feet (grey) - inside the accessory box

8. LED

  • LED Daughterboard - installed
  • LED connector + FPC cable - inside the accessory box

9. Free Gifts (not covered by warranty):

  • A set of 80% Owlstabs V3
  • Keyboard protective case
Do I need to purchase a Daughterboard?

No, the daughterboard is an extra. The barebones kit comes with one.

When will I receive my order?

This is a Preorder Raffle.

ETA: June 2024 - July 2024

Do extra Tri-mode PCBs come with battery?