PVD Screen Protector

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  • QK75
  • QK80
  • QK100
  • Jelly Evolv
  • Neo65


  • Tempered Glass
  • TPU
  • PET



Tempered Glass Hard Film

  • Made of Tempered Glass and double layer PET interlayer
  • Wear resistant, scratch resistant and shockproof
  • Application method: Electrostatic application - easy to paste and does not slide across the surface
  • Note: cannot be bent

TPU Soft Film

  • Anti-fingerprint, scratches can be easily repaired. 
  • Ultra-thin, bubbles will disappear over time
  • Has high light transmittance - film can almost not be seen
  • Note: Prone to indentation, more difficult to apply than hard film. 

PET Film

  • High definition film, also known as light-enhancing film, has a light transmittance of 95% and a reflectivity of less than 1%
  • Silica gel absorption layer, PET middle layer, and special treated outer layer

Note: Warranty will be void once protector is applied.