10 colors || 12 weights

Case Options

Badge and LED

Quick-detachable Stainless-Steel Badge Embedded in the Weight

Decorative LED with Golden Glossy PVD Stainless Steel Frame


Tri-mode Hotswap ANSI PCB

  • No Per-key RGB
  • Using QK Config for changing keymap; does not support QMK/VIA/VIAL

Wired ANSI Hotswap PCB

  • Per-key RGB
  • QMK based, supports VIA/VIAL

Wired Soldered PCB

  • No Per-key RGB
  • QMK Based, supports VIA/VIAL

Plate and PCB will be required for the board to be functional.

What does the bundle come with?

Only available for case colors: Milky White, White, Brown, Black, Green, Silver, Navy

- QK80 Keycaps (PBT Double Shot Cherry profile)

- Latte Switches

Plates and PCBs are not included


Do I need to purchase a Daughterboard for this?

No, the daughterboard is an extra. The barebones kit comes with one.

Check out 'What's in the box' for more information.

Does the bundle include a plate and PCB?

No, do remember to check out with your preferred plate and PCB of choice.

A plate and a PCB is required for the board to be functional.

Can I build this plateless?

Yes, however, we only recommend building this keyboard plateless with a solder PCB.

When will I receive my order?

ETA: July 2023 - August 2023

Subjected to delays.

When does the Group Buy end?

25 March 2023 1200SGT

What do I need in my order?

You will require either of these options:

1) Case Only + 1 PCB + 1 Plate

2) Bundle + 1 PCB + 1 Plate

Feel free to add on any additional PCB and Plates as you like.

Does extra Tri-mode PCBs come with battery?