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4398 Keyboard

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a 980 layout keyboard designed by 43studios

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Sound test

Available color options and price list


  • Top mount
  • 980 layout
  • Modular blockers for purpose of having the WKL aesthetic on the board. For convenience purposes the soldered pcb will have a hotswap socket for the windows key so that installing the blocker and changing between WK and WKL is easier.
  • Screwless design

Kit includes:

1. Top case
2. Bottom case
3. Positioning plate (anodised aluminum/PC/FR4)
4. Nameplate (mounts on the bottom)
5. Left and right feet x1 each
6. 1u blocker (colormatched to the case)
7. PCB (QMK VIA, wired, RGB backlight and underglow, soldering/hot plugging options available; both versions have hotswap winkey)
8. Packaging (paper case)
9. Sound dampeners: 3.5mm poron case foam, PE foam for use under the switches
10. 7u stabiliser wire
11. Three tubes of the same color
12. Screws, bumpons and other parts

Hotswap PCB support layout