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  • Hotswap PCB
  • Solder PCB
  • FR4 Plate
  • PC Plate
  • POM Plate
  • 2.4G Receiver
  • Daughterboard
  • Rose Gold Backweight
  • Chroma PVD Backweight



Aquila has ultra-wide side panels, which makes it unique at first glance. After multiple rounds of proportional adjustments, we have chosen the current aspect ratio, the overall use of the golden section makes it look more attractive, the wide side will not affect the operation of the mouse while using. On the meantime, it can also serves as a side hand rest, allowing you to rest your hands when you are tired of typing. Of course, you can also use your imagination to paint and paste stickers on it to make it more unique.

In terms of details, the large chamfer is abandoned, and a very small c-angle is used to make it look like a box from the future, which makes it look futuristic enough without cutting hands in use. Its appearance does not have so many superfluous decorations. Its beauty can be expressed by its proportions. In the design of the bottom, we abandoned the stereotyped large counterweight, and matched it with a square counterweight according to the theme of the entire simple box, and added a matrix texture to make it look more mysterious and full of charm. 


Layout and Design
Aquila adopts a 60% compact layout with 3U spaces on both sides, creating an unparalleled visual balance. After multiple comparisons and adjustments,
we have determined the most reasonable and aesthetic aspect ratio. Aquila has the same length as a 104-key keyboard but is narrower, which will not cause
adaptation issues or mouse compatibility problems. The only consideration may be desk space.

Wireless Connectivity
Aquila is equipped with our proprietary tri-mode wireless solution which strengthens signal stability through a
separate external antenna design.
This solution has been continuously improved through feedback from Orion87 users to provide a fast, lag-free experience.

•Name: Aquila
•Modes: Wired, Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G Wireless
•Size: 430x120x24-32mm  6.5 degree
•Material:Aluminum 6063
•Weight: 2.5kg
•Gasket mount + poron+PE
•VIA support
•RGB backlighting with 26 million colors
•Hot-swappable switches
•4000mAh battery


  • Black, red, purple are anodized
  • White and Pink are produced using electrophoresis
  • The default weight is gold PVD, and players can purchase additional rose gold configurations or colorful PVD weights. The pink color scheme defaults to rose gold weight

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ETA: November - December 2023 
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