[Extras] CRP R6 Keycaps

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  • XEROX 6001 Russian (Base)
  • 3011- HBI (Base)
  • 2551-HAD (Base)
  • All Red (Base)
  • Tulip White (Base)
  • Black on Black (Base)
  • ANSI-EN (Alphas)
  • Cyrillic (Alphas)
  • Hebrew (Alphas)
  • Greek (Alphas)
  • Irish (Alphas)
  • Tulip (Alphas)
  • Peacock (Alphas)
  • Cyrillic All Red (Alphas)
  • Runes (Alphas)
  • Beige 40s (Mods)
  • Beige 60s (Mods)
  • Beige 80s (Mods)
  • Beige All-in (Mods)
  • Beige Spacebars
  • Beige 6575
  • Beige R5A
  • Beige ICON
  • Beige Modern
  • Beige ISO
  • Beige NumPAD
  • Pink (R1 Accent)
  • Red (R1 Accent)
  • Blue (R1 Accent)
  • Purple (R1 Accent)
  • Black Cross (Win)
  • Blue Cross (Win)
  • Win11 (Win)
  • Tulip (Win)
  • Old Cherry (Win)
  • Win Color (Win)


  • Specifications
    • Keycap Material : Dyesub PBT 
    • Profile :  Cherry-profile

  • Free Random CRP Logo with the purchase of any BASE or MODs

  • Keycap Purchase Policies
    • We are doing out best to ensure the quality of the keycaps meets out standards, however, due to the manufacturing process there may be very some very minor scratching or minute dots. For this reason, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges
    • By purchasing the above product you agree to these terms


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