CRP R6 White Pink Purple Keycaps

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  • ANSI Pink Black
  • ANSI Pink Rose Red
  • ANSI Purple Deep Purple
  • ANSI Black White
  • Alpha Pink White
  • Alpha White Purple
  • Alpha White Japanese
  • Alpha White Korean - Black Purple
  • Base Pink
  • Base Purple
  • Base White - Pink
  • Base White - Purple
  • Mods 60s Pink
  • Mods 80s Pink
  • Mods 60s Purple
  • Mods 80s Purple
  • Mods 60 White
  • Mods 80 White



CRP R6 Keycaps that now come in Pink and Purple. Not a very bright Pink or Purple. Relatively muted on the pastel side. Will fit into any setup to give it a softer look.


  • Keycap Material: Dyesub PBT
  • Profile: Cherry-profile
  • Designed and Manufactured by: HAMMER