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Green Jacket V1.5 Switches

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Put your keys in the style of a Green Jacket! Get the (literal) hottest new item with the KNC Keys Green Jacket 1.5 Switches. With a smooth and snappy linear feel, these linear switches are the perfect way to expedite your key presses and look good doing it. Don't miss out on the comeback – order now!

Sold in packs of 10 


  • Type: Linear
  • Mounting Type: PCB Mount (5-pin)
  • Materials
    • Top: HPE
    • Bottom: Nylon 
    • Stem:  
      • Linear: 13.5mm POM Stem
  • Spring: Two-Stage
  • Factory lubed: Light-Factory Lube
  • Manufacturer:  Tecsee
  • 55g Actuation | 63.5g Bottom Out
  • 2.0mm Pre-Travel | 3.5mm(Linear)


  • The 1.5 release features a 13.5mm stem, from 13.9mm. This will increase the total travel to 3.5mm from 3.1mm. Will this affect the sound? 
  • Why change the original Green Jacket Linear? 
    We felt as if the bottom out was a tad bit too harsh, as the shortened travel distance really emphasized that bottom out.