Hammer CRP Mirror

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  • 80s all in-A
  • 80s all in-B
  • Alpha-A1
  • Alpha-A2
  • Alpha-A3
  • Alpha-B1
  • Alpha-B2
  • Alpha-B3
  • Numpad-A1
  • Numpad-A2
  • Numpad-A3
  • Numpad-B1
  • Numpad-B2
  • Numpad-B3
  • 40s-A
  • 40s-B


Another world in the mirror
Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what the world looks like?
The mirror is like water, calm, but it hides the mystery of being in it.
It is a space parallel to reality, but in reverse.
I reach out to touch it, and all I feel is a cold mirror on my fingertips.
It was like looking through a magical window into another world of yourself.
The world is the same as what we see, but very different.
I wonder what the world in the mirror looks like when I open this window.
In the mirror image, we are looking straight into a mysterious parallel dimension.
Perhaps it is this unknown that gives the mirror its magical appeal.
The mirror hides a parallel space opposite to reality, allowing us to glimpse another possibility.
It might take us into this amazing parallel world.
Come on, see you by the mirror!
  • Specifications
    • Keycap Material : Dyesub PBT 
    • Profile :  Cherry-profile
    • Designed by: Zero-G Studio
    • Manufactured by: HAMMER
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