Hoshizora V2 Switch

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Sold in packs of 10  


霧雪 Musetsu星空 Hoshizora 

We are thrilled to bring in a new pair of switches, featuring custom springs, new exterior designs as well as new material blends. Originally planned for a winter release, these switches were given the names Snow Fog and Starry Night respectively.


  • Improved switch molds - reduced leaf ping and increased stem tolerances
  • Manufactured by JWK
  • LINEAR switch
  • Unlubed
  • P3 Stem - longer than the average JWK stem (P3 is the new official name given by JWK for this special blend of UHMWPE)
  • Milky Housing 
  • 63.5g Disunion 2-stage Spring (Korean KOS Steel)
  • 3.5mm travel


Sound test and review:

For more sound tests, check out our discord.

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