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[Ended] Jelly Evolv Keyboard

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    Hello everyone, this is OwLab. It has been nine months since our last release. During this time, we’ve collected a lot of valuable feedback from the community and refined our design language accordingly. As our second product released in 2021, Jelly Epoch still has many fans to this day. Therefore, we decided to experiment with our new design on it. This is what we bring you today - the brand new Jelly Evolv.
    More Information
    • Front Design

      The iconic Jelly logo and badge have been inherited from the Jelly Epoch. In addition, we've added a glossy chamfer in a contrasting color for anodized cases to enhance the sophistication of the front side. The little badge on the side has also been redesigned in a hallow-carvedstyle to complement the overall design.

    • Side Design

      To give Jelly Evolv a more dynamic and futuristic look, we used brackets to connect the middle frame and bottom case instead of traditional screws.

      The other purpose of this structure is to simplify the entire assembly process. By pressing down the two clips on the side, you can disassemble Jelly in less than 10 seconds.

    • Back Design

      We treated the weight of the Jelly Evolv with mirror-polished PVD to create a contrast with the matte case. Thanks to the special connectivity method, there is enough space between the middle frame and bottom case to place the recessed external weight. The height difference between the bottom case and the weight provides perfect protection for the weight during daily use.

    • Structure

      Jelly Evolv is equipped with our upgraded Leaf Spring + mounting system. The leaf springs are now placed in their own slots that separated from the main case, which make the assembly process much easier and also eliminate the potential hollow sound created by the leaf spring.

    • Layout for single blocker ANSI Hotswap PCB

      Flex-cut: 1.2mm

      Non flex-cut: 1.6mm

    • Layout for dual blocker ANSI Hotswap PCB

      Fixed 7U spacebar

      Flex-cut: 1.2mm

      Non flex-cut: 1.6mm

    • Solder Non-flex cut PCB

      Split/2u backspace

      Stepped/regular Caps Lock

      Split/regular R-shift

      Regular/ISO Enter

      Single-blocker 6.25u/Single-blocker 7u/Dual-blocker 7u bottom row

      1.6mm thick without flex-cut

    Frequently asked questions



    Typing angle: 7 degree

    Front height: 20mm

    Size: 325mm * 148mm

    Weight: 2.3kg (before build)

    What does the kit contain?

    1. Case

    • Including one pre-installed external weight, protected with tempered glass film

    2. PCB Kit (From Addons Page)

    • PCB of your choice
    • PE sheet
    • PCB foam

    3. Plate of your Choice (From Addons Page)

    4. Poron Case Foam

    5. Daughterboard & JST Cable - installed

    6. Silicone Gaskets

    • 70 duro dark grey set x1
    • 30 duro pale blue set (preinstalled on the plate) x1

    7. Rubber feet

    • dark grey x1
    • white x1

    8. Free Gifts (not covered by warranty):

    • 1 extra daughterboard FPC cable
    • 1 extra LED daughterboard PFC cable
    • 2 spare back clips
    • 1 extra set of dark grey rubber feet + 1 extra set of white rubber feet
    • 1 extra set of 70 duro gaskets + 1 extra set of 30 duro gaskets
    • Contingency screw bag, all H1.5
    • A set of 80% Owlstab V3
    • 1 Thank-you card
    • Keyboard protective case

    Do I need to purchase a Daughterboard?

    No, the daughterboard is an extra. The barebones kit comes with one.

    When will I receive my order?

    This is a Preorder Raffle.

    ETA: Sept 2023 - Oct 2023

    Do extra Tri-mode PCBs come with battery?