Keygeek Avalon Linear Switch

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  • 3.5mm
  • 3.8mm



Sold in packs of 10.

The Diamond Avalon's MX style brother from another manufacturer. Doesn't shine bright like a diamond.... but comes with some interesting AF materials and two options for travel distance. We've seen switches in the past offer different spring weights (Sir, would you like 68g or 62g?), but Keygeek Avalon dares to be different by offering two pole lengths, Standard Pole with the near full travel of 3.8mm if that's your jam or Long Pole with 3.5mm travel and optimal clack from the pole bottom out on the clacky P7 bottom. 


  • Linear
  • P7 Bottom - a modified material with PBT as the main material, retaining the hardness of PBT, making the sound profile very clacky and smooth at the same time 
  • U3 Stem
  • POK Top
  • Total travel - 3.8mm (Standard Pole) or 3.5mm (Long Pole)

    Alexotos Review and Sound Test:


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