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Knight Stabilizer

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This product is suitable for both 1.2mm (with shims) and 1.6mm PCBs.

It is a screw-in type stabilizer using a new silicone double injection mold.
Both the crown and housing are injection-treated at areas where the stem is in contact with the housing. 

It is highly recommended to use it after lubing:

  1. Do not use Permatex, we highly recommend using Krytox 205g0
  2. Apply lubricant evenly and as thinly as possible to the space where the stem is inserted and the wall of the housing 


  • 10 sets of stem
  • 10 sets of housing
  • 10 screws
  • 10 washers
  • 4 x 2u wire
  • 1 x 6.25u wire
  • 1 x 7u wire
  • 10 x Stabilizer shims