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Krytox Lubricants

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In Collaboration with Universal Westech, we are offering Krytox lubricants.

Oils are packaged in sealed droppers while greases are packaged in glass jar containers to ensure that the lubricants will not leak out and damage other products. 

5g lubricants are applicable to approximately 400-500 switches depending on usage.

Krytox 105

  • Very low viscosity oil
  • Main usage: Spring lubrication

Krytox 203g0

  • Grease
  • Main usage:
    • Recommended for Tactile switches
    • Could be used for Linear switches

Krytox 204g0

  • Grease
  • Main usage:
    • Recommended for Linear switches
    • Could be used for Tactile switches
      • Note: If you want to keep the tactility, please avoid lubing the legs of the stem

Krytox 205g0

  • Very thick semi-fluid grease
  • Main usage:
    • Recommended for Linear switches and stabilizers
    • Could be used for Tactile switches
      • Note: If you want to keep the tactility, please avoid lubing the legs of the stem

Krytox XHT-BDZ

  • Very thick grease with a high viscosity
  • ONLY recommended for stabilizer wires
  • XHT-BDZ cannot be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many solvents. Although it is chemically stable and non-hazardous, please wear gloves and place a protective layer on any working surface. Spillages will be difficult to clean and the lubricant will transfer from hands to any surface touched. 


Who is Universal Westech?
Universal Westech is the ONLY Chemours (Formerly DuPont) partner for Krytox and their other brands in Singapore, and the trusted source for Genuine Krytox among all users including Semiconductor, Aerospace, Airlines, Military, Pharmaceutical industries, etc

What is Krytox?
Krytox is the brand name of a high-performance grade lubricant, owned by Chemours. Krytox is only manufactured in the USA.

Why get Krytox from us? 
Universal Westech receives their Krytox directly from their Chemours factory in USA.

How do we tell if it is genuine Krytox?
All Krytox available in small volumes have been repacked. This gives rise to many resellers offering non-genuine "Krytox". Unfortunately, one Krytox is repacked, and has no way of being traced, it is very difficult to verify unless you do a costly lab test. 

Tell-tale signs:

  • Claiming to be Krytox/Chemours/DuPont partners
  • Claiming to get their Krytox directly from Chemours
  • Inconsistency of the lubricant
  • Cheap pricing