Mountain King Switch

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Introducing the KeebzNCables x clickpig Mountain King, the first switch in our KeebzNCables community collaboration series!

Based off clickpig's notorious BBT frankenswitch, the Mountain King is a long pole tactile sporting a sharp medium/heavy strength bump, encased in a JWICK nylon T1 housing. This particular combo results in a lively sounding switch with a punchy tactile bump and a satisfyingly crisp bottom out.

The Mountain Kings are a great addition for those who enjoy experimenting and tinkering with their switches, as even minor changes will result in a noticeably different experience. For example, switching out the stock 63.5g spring with a 62g two-stage spring will result in a snappy tactile with an almost feather-light linear section post bump. Alternatively, drop in a 65g long spring for a tactile bump that bumps back.

Mountain Kings come with a small amount of factory oil to increase stock performance, however do not come pre-greased, so they're ready to lube without needing to scrape out any factory lube first.

Sold in packs of 10.


  • Moyu Dark Jade 13.45mm POM Stem
  • T1 Nylon Housing
  • 63.5g single stage long spring
  • Manufacturer: JWK