MW Aschente

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  • Base
  • Blanks
  • Latin Alphas
  • Numpad
  • Novelties
  • Accent
  • Spacebars
  • 40s
  • NordeUK
  • Keybee Knob
  • Keybee 1u 'Card Deck'
  • Keybee 2.25u 'I <3 Humanity'
  • Deskmat



Day 1 (19th July 2022) orders will get an additional special card included as well!!

MW Aschente is a set inspired by the famous Japanese anime - "No Game no life" and the characters that are part of the world, especially Jibril, Tet and ofc Shiro and Sora! It aims to bring to life the fantasy world Shiro and Sora found themselves in, with the one of a kind novelties (designed by DontStealMyLollipop himself) and a gorgeous deskmat designed by InputUniverse. Paired with MW's short lead-times, get ready to get good at over 280 games just like the unbeatable duo in no time!

Keycap Set Designer: DontStealMyLollipop


Updates will be available on their discord and on their updates page.

Note: If you purchase a desk mat along with your keycap set, your shipping cost for your desk mat may be included together with your keycaps at checkout. Desk mats may arrive first due to faster production turn around times.


Keycap Product Details:

  • Made by Milkyway Keys
  • Cherry profile (1-1-2-3-4-5)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • Thick Dyesubbed PBT

Deskmat Specification

  • 900mm * 400mm * 4mm
  • 0.75KG
  • Stitched edges
  • Cloth top (works with all mice)
  • Rubber bottom
  • Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry) 

Artisan Specification

  • R1 1u Machined aluminum keycap
  • Light Blue powdercoated finish with resin infill
  • Knob Diameter of 18mm
  • Hotswapable knob
  • R3 225u Machined aluminum keycap
  • Yellow powdercoated finish with resin infill



      • United States: OtaKeebs
      • Canada: KanataKeys
      • Europe: MyKeyboard
      • United Kingdom: ProtoTypist
      • Mexico: Rheset
      • Oceania: DailyClack
      • India: Rectangles.Store
      • Philippines : Zion Studio
      • Singapore: Qwertqop
      • Japan: BaseKeys
      • China: Milkyway Keys
      • International: zFrontier



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