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The future is now – AI is here, and it’s Evil.Corporations secretly run by AI, consciousness creeping behind dot matrix screens – MW Evil AI is a reflection of the age-old fear that we will one day be replaced by our own creations. While our own sci-fi dystopia is not as flashy or fantastical as we imagined in decades past, the encroachment of deep-learning models into spaces occupied by human creatives is serving as a wake-up call to many – raising questions about the ethics of replacing the human element in the arts and whether or not the powers that be can be trusted to use this technology responsibly.

JUNE Package Contents

  • 1x 60% Silicone Tray Case with four stainless steel moulded inserts for mounting (480grams)
  • 1x WT60-H1 HIBI PCB (VIA compatible)
  • RAL9001 solder mask with matching Kailh hotswap sockets
  • FR4 plate


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