QK100 Barebones Case

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This product does not include PCB or plate. Clients will need one of each to make QK100 functional.  


This is QK's 5th product and we are still going strong! QK100 is the office workhorse and the family gift you guys have been demanding, so we don't want it to be missed. It has everything you need, including the F-row, numpad, and even a screen, on top of the high-quality keyboard that we've always been proud of.


Bundle (With Keycaps and Switches)

Keycaps layout

This time, the keycaps and switches will be sold as a bundle including a large base kit and 110 QK01 switches.

We've heard that many customers who wanted to purchase the keycaps and switches in the previous sales couldn't find their desired case color in the bundle options. To address this, we will now allow you to choose keycaps in any color you prefer, instead of setting a default kit for each case color. Depending on the market feedback, we will also consider selling the keycaps and switches separately in the future.

Besides, we are pleased to announce that the estimated delivery time for bundles will be the same as for barebones this time, so there’s one less concern when ordering the bundle.

  • Processing method: PBT Double-shot
  • Profile: Cherry profile

QK01 Switch

  • Manufacture: Grain Gold
  • Lubrication: Factory pre-lubed
  • Type: linear
  • Travel: 3.5 ± 0.1mm, early bottom out
  • Spring: 22mm extra long spring
  • Bottom-out: 55g
  • Top housing: POM+PTFE
  • Bottom housing: Nylon blend
  • Stem: New POM blend


ETA: Oct - Nov 2023
Group Buy Period: 30 June - 12 July 2023


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If you purchased this product, you are agreeing to the Group Buy policy.
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If you purchased this product, you are agreeing to the Group Buy policy.
For more information, check our FAQ.