QK100 Parts

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  • Tri-mode Hotswap PCB (ANSI)
  • Tri-mode Non-flex cut (ANSI)
  • Tri-mode Non-flex cut (ISO)
  • Wired Non-flex Cut PCB (ANSI)
  • Soldered Non-flex cut PCB
  • PC Plate
  • POM Plate
  • FR4 Plate
  • Aluminum Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Plate
  • PCB Daughter board + JST
  • Standard (Golden)
  • Standard (Silver)
  • Standard (Black)
  • Standard (White)
  • Retro (Golden)
  • Retro (Silver)
  • Retro (Black)
  • Retro (White)
  • Meow (Golden)
  • Meow (Silver)
  • Meow (Black)
  • Meow (White)
  • Wired Badge (Golden)
  • Wired Badge (Silver)
  • Wired Badge (Black)
  • Wired Badge (White)
  • LCD Screen
  • Screen Daughterboard + Cable



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  • Please choose solder PCB if you would like to make your QK80 plateless. Hotswap is not supported with plateless 
  • Extra Tri-mode PCBs do NOT come with battery
  • LCD Screen is not compatible with wired PCB


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