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[Extras] QK60 Parts

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R1 Parts

PCB does not come with a battery.

Aluminum Plate color will be selected randomly

2U Backspace PCB Layout

Split Backspace PCB Layout


R2 Parts

PCB - All without flex-cuts

The QK60 has been praised by many as the best sounding keyboard in the QK family. Thus, we are introducing the trending non-flex cut PCB to see if we can take it to a new level. These new PCBs are compatible with the plates from the R1 sale, so customers who ordered the QK60 during the R1 sale can also enjoy these new options.

  • Tri-mode Non-flex cut PCB

    • Using QK Config
    • Doesn’t support VIA and Vial
    • Per-key RGB


  • Wired Non-flex cut PCB

    • QMK based, support VIA and Vial
    • No per-key RGB