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[Group Buy] QK80 Barebones Case

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This product does not include PCB or plate. Clients will need one of each to make QK80 functional.  


QK80 is an 80% PCB-mount mechanical keyboard DIY kit and the fourth product launched by Qwertykeys.

Following the same design principles as the rest of the Qwertykeys family, the QK80 is low-key but charming in its own way. It inherits popular elements from the QK75, such as an all CNC'd aluminum case, a bouncy PCB-mount structure, and abundant color choices, but also brings new surprises. We hope it can be your best desktop partner, whether you're in the office or at home.


Case Only: What's in the box?


Bundle (With Keycaps and Switches)

Keycaps layout

  • Cherry Profile
  • Doubleshot PBT for shape and dye-sub for patterns/fonts

Latte Switch

  • Manufacture: SWK
  • Lubrication: Factory pre-lubed
  • Type: linear
  • Travel: 3.6 ± 0.1mm, early bottom out
  • Spring: 20mm two-stage extension spring
  • Actuation: 45g
  • Bottom-out: 58g
  • Top housing: POK
  • Bottom housing: Nylon blend
  • Stem: POM, extra-long


Color configuration

ETA: July - August 2023
Group Buy Period: 11 March 2023 - 25 March 2023


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