QQ60 Hotswap PCB

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  • Standard JST
  • Alternate JST


  • 2 Variants for JST Positioning
    • Standard JST
    • Alternate JST (Supports Unikorn R2.2)
  • H60 Footprint/Edge Cutouts (Note the north-facing enter)
  • QMK & VIA Compatibility
  • Multi Layout Support
    • Standard & Split Backspace
    • Standard & Split Right Shift
    • Standard & Split Left Shift
    • Standard & Stepped Caps Lock
    • ANSI(6.25u) & Tsangan(7u) Bottom Row
  • Thickness: 1.6mm

    Compatible with:

    • Standard 60% using JST
    • Unikorn R1, R2.1 & R2.2
    • Bakeneko V1, Cannonkeys Bakeneko


    • Please note that for the Tsangan bottom row, the left and right Windows keys are labeled as 1.5u, despite actually being 1u in size. This will not affect the functionality of the PCB. Treat the bottom row as your usual Tsangan bottom row.
    • For a more refined fit within various keyboard cases, kindly take a moment to smooth out any sockets located along the PCB edge cutouts. This proactive measure helps prevent potential damage to your keyboard, for which we cannot assume liability.


    User Guide:

    • To reset the PCB for flashing, press and hold onto the button labelled "USB_BOOT" (located beside the spacebar on the back on the PCB) whilst plugging the PCB in. Once the button is released, a storage drive labelled "RPI-RP2" can be found in the file explorer (Finder for MacOS).
    • Transfer the .uf2 firmware file into that storage drive (drag/copy-paste) and you have successfully flashed the PCB with the firmware.