Quartz Switch V1

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  • Unlubed
  • Factory Lube



Sold in packs of 10 

Will be sold as INSTOCK, with limited quantities of each variant (Unlubed or Factory lubed) available - Factory lube will only be available on qwertyqop

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  • Manufactured by JWK
  • LINEAR switch
  • Option of factory lube OR unlubed
  • P3 Stem - longer than the average JWK stem (P3 is the new official name given by JWK for this special blend of UHMWPE)
  • PC Nylon Blend Top Housing
  • Polyamide Special Blend Bottom Housing
  • 63.5g JWK gold plated spring
  • 3.5mm travel / 2.0mm actuation


Sound test and review:

Wildcat Sound test
nearLucid Review

For more sound tests, check out our discord.


    This lovely pink translucent housing switch is specially designed by us :)

    As a Singaporean vendor, we have had extensive experience with the wide array of switches accessible within the crossroads of the Eastern and Western markets. Here in Singapore, we’ve grown to be avid switch collectors and are always on the lookout for a linear switch that felt and sounded as good as it looked for us. Our own experiences in the hobby have led to a preference for switches with a deep bottom-out sound and smoothness out of the box.

    Factory lubing was chosen to be omitted - in order to prevent inconsistencies that may arise from factory lubing but also giving the user the option to lube it to their preference! Those who are looking for a deeper sound can tune the switches using lubricants of their liking.

    Due to high interest from the interest check to purchase these switches with factory lube, we have requested a limited amount


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