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WDA Búri Keycaps

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Bring the richness of Norse mythology right to your fingertips with our WDA Búri Keycaps. Designed with a tan hue mirroring fertile earth and adorned with self-designed rune characters simulating stone carvings, these keycaps exude the magic of yore. An added easter egg – under intense light, the rune root briefly glows, emulating the northern lights. Manufactured by W.P.J, they boast high color accuracy, meticulous detailing, and durable ABS construction with tactile UV coating. It's not just a keycap, it's a bridge to ancient tales and mysteries.


  • Full Kit: Base, Novelties, Spacebar 
  • OEM: W.P.J
  • Material: ABS (the coating is more wear-resistant, not easy to wear and shine)
  • Process: pad printing + tactile UV coating (matte)
  • Height: WDA (like the original ball cap)
  • Features: high degree of color reproduction, finely repaired nozzles, low defect rate



- Keycap color

The keycap color is formed by injection molding, and there is no problem of side gradient and high temperature deformation;

- Character position

Self-designed characters are printed on steel molds, printed one by one, and the vernier caliper is used for QC measurement, and the character position is highly accurate.

- Character clarity

Higher fineness, no blooming.



Two-color injection molding can only use the manufacturer's mold characters, and the current process can print characters designed by designers themselves.


Two colors are limited by the requirements of the injection molding process, the brush is thicker, and does not support sharp corners. The current technology can present more details and the picture is more delicate.

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